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Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Caio Brasil: Hot & Sexy Photography By Hay Torres

A smile that fascinates and a seductive body. This is Caio Brazil, the model presented by the great Brazilian web Paroutudo, with photographs of Hay Torres. Brazilian sensuality and beauty with this gorgeous and attractive Caio Brasil.

Jeremy Douille for L'Homme Invisible Underwear

The handsome French model, Jeremy Douille, protagonist of the new collection of underwear "Velours Mystique" of the firm L'Homme Invisible. Sophisticated and elegant, the quality and beauty of this brilliant collection of fashion for man, with the fascinating masculine appeal of Jeremy Douille, in images of the photographer Sandeep Sahni. Fashion and beauty of man with L'Homme Invisible and Jeremy Douille.

James Van Nostrand: Male Seduction. Eric McKinney Photography

His Angel With that face so sweet, so beautiful, so sensual. A handsome model that seduces with that caramelized and powerful image at the same time. The appeal of James Van Nostrand, in this great Eric McKinney editorial for 6:12 Photography. Beautiful adonis of 22 years that seduces with those eyes, that look and that body so graceful. The radiant beauty of James Van Nostrand.

Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Ricky Tishler: Masculine Desire By Simon Le Photography

So attractive, so virile, so seductive, that it is impossible not to fall into the exciting temptation of Ricky Tishler. An Australian model that captivates with its image so sensual and beautiful. Muscles and manhood with the vigorous masculine perfection of Ricky Tishler, in fantastic images of the Australian photographer Simon Le . The powerful masculine attraction of this young Eros of desire that brings us to paradise with his burning skin. The beauty and perfection of Ricky Tishler. All an exciting desire of man.

Coasts of Heaven on Earth By Angel Ruiz Photography

Without a doubt, heaven on earth with Coasts. A beautiful and angelic model that seduces us in these fantastic images of the great photographer of Lima (Peru) Ángel Ruiz , under the burning sun of Mykonos (Greece) Golden curls, with the look in that horizon in which to find the desire, With the seductive image of this resplendent Adonis. Sensuality and beauty that blinds the sun, with the magic of Costas, for the art and talent of Ángel Ruiz. One of the great photographers of Latin America. "Heaven on earth" with Costas, by Ángel Ruiz. Without a doubt, heaven is on earth.